It all happened almost instantaneously. As sports fans who were knee-deep in the post-grad crisis that is being 23, Sam Ellis, Michael Barber, and Cam Ellis all realized one thing: the world needed to hear their respective sports opinions. There was no time to waste; all the pieces were already in place. Cam, a partially-employed sports journalist with a lot of free time, would scour the internet for sports takes, choosing only the hottest ones. Michael, a maestro of Excel spreadsheets, would compile the numbers. Sam would then take the tangled mess given to him and design the hell out of it. Just like that, Sports@Work was born. Our goal: to spam your social media with videos that explain our thoughts on sports. So we hope you watch and enjoy, but more so we hope you share this with your aunt and uncle because while this is just for fun now we’d like to be famous one day.

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